Fun With Nail Polish

Looking for marble manicure minus the mess? We’ve all seen the water manicure where you drip polish in water, swirl it, then dip in your finger only to pull out a ridiculous mess that covers your entire fingertip.

Well, here’s a better idea.

Nail polish in various colors
Emery board

I didn’t take pictures of the steps, but first you need to paint a thick coat of a base color on the baggie. I used black because it was easy to see. Then start dropping thick stripes of polish across the black. Leave some of the black exposed, but keep in mind this will be very thin and easily tear. After you’ve painted all the strips, pull the toothpick top to bottom through the rows, then reverse. Swirl to make more interesting patterns, but be careful not to blend.

Allow the polish to dry for several hours (ahem, or several weeks because you forgot about it).

Now for the manicure! You’re going to want to do one nail at a time to ensure adhesion.

You’re going to need to cut the polished bag into fingernail-sized pieces. They don’t have to match up to your nails perfectly. I suggest cutting a piece for each finger before you start applying any.

Pick a finger, then apply a base coat of polish to that finger only. It can be any color, but I used clear. The key is that the nail is tacky when you apply the polish strip. Now, peel the polish off of the baggie backing. You can use tweezers, but I just used a fingernail; it separates very easily.

Apply the polish strip to the tacky nail and smooth over with your finger. Once it’s firmly in place, use the emery board to file off the overlap. I suggest a smooth grade for the edges.

Voila! Marble manicure without the mess!

While I don’t know what I was thinking with the colors I chose, I do like how it looked and plan on doing it again soon.

It’s far cheaper than buying the nail polish strips from the store (which cost the same as a bottle of polish  and only gives you a single manicure), and you can customize it any way you like.

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