Fun With Cake

It all started with this recipe. I’ve made it before, but with white cake (and it was perfectly moist). The batter is really, really thick. I was a little worried about that, so I added two small eggs (I say small because they’re from my friend’s chickens, so they’re definitely not as big as the ones you get in a store.) I baked it for 30 minutes in a glass pan. It still looked a bit dry, so I thought I’d jazz it up.

So I frosted it with canned frosting. But wait! How boring is that?

Then I remembered I randomly bought sweetened condensed milk. So I spent a good hour searching online for a frosting recipe. Finally, I found this one.

Scared of cooking frosting? DON’T BE!  It was unbelievably easy. I was a bit concerned because I halved the recipe. I definitely didn’t need that much for a sheet cake.

But was it spreadable enough to go on top of the chocolate chip frosting already on the cake? Ohhh yeah. Just frost it gently. It’s PLENTY of frosting. And holy cow is it delicious!

The verdict: The cake was dry. Like, Sahara dry. And crumbly. However, the frosting the cake when the caramel was still warm (What? I’m impatient.) was the best decision of this whole process. It melted the chocolate chip frosting just a bit. 
Next time: Traditional chocolate cake mix, using the directions on the box. And duh, add OIL not EGGS to make it more moist. Lesson learned. But I will make the caramel frosting again and again and again and again!
Two of the three ingredients.
Waiting for the caramel frosting to cool
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