Expiration Date

Milk goes sour and expires. Eggs expire so supremely that the stench of one sticks with you for life. Things go bad. You have to toss them out. But let me make one thing clear:


There is no expiration date on a woman. Women don’t “go bad” at age 35. Why would this come up? Go to any dating site. Men from age 25 to 55 have their maximum age for a woman set at 35.

Do they think our biological clocks go into overdrive once we hit 36? Are our ovaries starting to shrivel at 36? Are we desperate to get married and have kids and DESTROY A MAN’S LIFE at age 36? I don’t think so.

I am not desperate to have a child. I don’t even know that I want one (or two or whatever). Here’s the thing about my biological clock: It’ll go off when I meet the right person, and only then. I’ve dated men I thought could be good dads and partners, and I’ve dated men I was certain would put the entire burden of parenthood on me. Not a good choice for a father/partner.

I am not desperate to get married before age 40. All I want right now, at age 37, is to meet a nice guy and go on a few date. If it leads somewhere, great. If it doesn’t, then I had fun getting there.

Dear men who think women expire: Not all women are alike. Please stop assuming we are.

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